A SPECIAL Internet Only Announcement:

Right Now, 100% FREE And 100% UNLIMITED Wireless Service On 3 Out Of The 4 TOP Major Wireless Carrier Networks, Is Being Made Available For NEW Online Wireless Customers Who Are Among The FIRST To Sign Up From This Area!

As you can see on the right, there are NEW Customers who are signing up for 100% FREE and UNLIMITED wireless service in Cities and Towns from all around America!

Throughout the rest of this month, ALL NEW wireless Customers from all of these areas who sign up online, so they can be added in this 100% FREE and 100% UNLIMITED wireless service PILOT program, will also get a 100% FREE Blu Dash Jr 3.5 II Smartphone to go along with their 100% UNLIMITED wireless service calling plan!

By going online to sign up without the help of any local wireless store employees that has to be paid, there is NO Credit Check, NO Contract, and NO Obligations!


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